Globalisation – Work from anywhere

With a VoiP telephone system from Cloudhop Communications, you are free to work from anywhere, but stay in touch with your head office and whatsmore, stay in touch for a fraction of the cost of the alternative methods.
How? 3CX turns your smartphone into an extension of your office telephone network, meaning that you can work as if you are sitting next to your colleagues in the office in the UK.
However, realistically, you are in a hotel, airport, business meeting …
If you are within a wi-fi zone or are connected to the internet, you can make and receive calls for FREE! NOTHING! ZILCH! NADA! ZERO !
If you are mobile, then the software uses your ISPs data bundle to make and receive calls and so costs fractions of a penny.

It really is the way forward! Call us now for more information.

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