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What is VoiP Telephony Networking? – Quite straightforward really. It is using your Broadband connection to make telephone calls. With the emergence and increased voice quality of these devices, this is real alternative to BT and standard PBX telephone systems.
It can allow you to make FREE calls and the installation costs are a fraction of the old hardware costs, as it is software driven.

– Design & Build Broadband Telephone Networks
We can listen to your requirements and design a system that works for you. It can integrate, or replace with what you have now.
– Hosted & Managed Telephone Networks
Because the functionality of these systems are software based and run on a server, we can host this software for you meaning that you do not have to buy extra hardware. If you prefer, we can Manage your server on your site.
– Smartphone APP for office-like calls
Technology allows the use of your Smartphone, to behave like an extension of your office system, as if you are sitting at your desk, from anywhere in the world. If you are connected to a wi-fi location, the calls are FREE. If you are using your mobile handset, these calls cost a fraction of a penny as it uses your data bundle to make calls.
– High Quality Voice from 3CX
The latest technology allows very high quality of call and no interruptions.
– Inter-office Connectability
This is where the service really works for you, with FREE calls between all offices, anywhere in the world.
– Remote (World) Calls from FREE
As mentioned, using a wi-fi or broadband connection, either on your smartphone or laptop or a VoiP handset, you can make and receive calls for NOTHING! ZILCH! ZERO! DIDDLY-SQUAT! FREE!
– Video Conference Calling
Using smartphones with the functionality or a PC, you can make conference calls anywhere in the world.
– Windows PC/Server based
As mentioned, this service is software based and runs on a Server or a PC.
– From 1 person to 1000 staff
Totally Scalable!
– Hotel & Call Centre Modules
There are add-on functionality modules for Call Centres or for Hotels, large or small.

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