DSM Highlight

Cloudhop continues to seek solutions to smooth out the challenges users are confronted with. As a result, DSM is continually evolving to fulfill user expectation. The following topics are our commitment to cloud services, digital content management, easy storage configuration, support in virtualization, and multi-function NAS application.

DSM is a web-based platform. This means that you are free to select the service that you want to use, and install the corresponding apps, only when you need it. So you can simply choose from Photo Station, Download Station, Cloud Station and other web apps to install from Package Center. The total customization gives you more control over your network storage.

Apps as packages not only mean customized installation, it also indicate that updates can be offered more quickly. Whenever we roll out something new, say a new fisheye camera for Surveillance Station or a brand new package, you will get the update instantly and can install it right away via Package Center.

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