Cloud Mail

The Cloudmail feature provides web based access to your email accounts and more importantly the ability for email account owners to perform key actions on their accounts.

The Webmail interface provides the following functionality:

  • Email filtering
  • Delivery Reports
  • Password Modification
  • Ability to create and modify Auto Responders

Webmail couples with 3 great choices for clients to use. Horde, Squirellmail, and Roundcube gives email account owners the ability to control their accounts and functionality through a standard web browser.

Cloudhop mail features allow for multiple layers of spam checking. Tools such as Spam Assassin and BoxTrapper mitigate the volume of spam a website can attract.

Through the CloudHop and Webmail interfaces, website owners and email users have access to powerful tools to manage and maintain email.

Tools and Features:

  • Automatic mail client configuration for Outlook and
  • Email filtering
  • Email delivery tracking
  • Simple and painless email creation/modification/deletion
  • DKIM signing for outgoing emails

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