Backups & Disaster Recovery

– Secure Data Backup to Cloud
Taking copies of your key data to a remote server, location unknown.
– Secure Data Backup to Co-location
Taking copies of your key data to another Server, which you own, located in another building.
– Disaster Recovery Planning
Planning for the worst. Our philosophy is “Expect the worst; Plan for the best!”
– Data Recovery Services
If you have a problem, we can probably help. We can recover data from virtually any hardware, as long as the disk is physically intact.
– FSA Regulated Backup Procedures
The FSA have issued guidance on your Client data and there are large penalties for losing Customer Data. We can help ensure you do not fall foul of these regulations.
– Protecting Customer Data
For non-FSA business’ that are not governed by a Regulator, you still need to take your Customer Data seriously, as you are covered by the Data Protection Act 1998 and there are penalties for losing or mis-use of Customer Data.
– Physical Data Security
We can assess your building access, security measures and staff access, as many breaches come from within your business, such as when an employee leaves your business!!
– Service Management to ITIL standards
We provide a full procedural assessment or installation into your business of this industry standard methodology from our trained staff.