ITIL Service Management

IT Information Library (ITIL) is a methodology that suggests procedures and processes within an IT department and between IT departments.
It is not reserved just for large companies as the methodology is totally scalable meaning that the processes will work for you as you grow.
It is aimed at protecting your business through it’s IT functions.

ITIL Service Management
The overview of all the processes within ITIL

Technical Documentation
We can create, amend or update all your Technical Documentation in various formats for either hard copy (Versioned) or Intranet for internal business staff.

Intranet Design & Creation
This can link with your existing website and allow all your staff access to an Intranet, a private internet, for access to documentation and for allowing staff to upload or update readings etc, in real time.

Project Work
We are able to provide Consultants to work with you for special projects with the relevant technical background and experience.

3rd Party Software Evaluation & Installation
We are able to help you evaluate 3rd-party software, asking the right questions about the software, load usage, integration with your existing software and processes, their support of the product and on-going upgrades, to ensure you choose the right software for your business and application.

Creation of Helpdesk departments & Problem & Change Management
We can create in-house departments and train teams, handing over to your staff when appropriate, that specialise in these areas. This usually starts as a ‘Customer’ Helpdesk, which we can ‘man’ for you initially, create the processes, build the software department and eventually hand over to you as a running department. This relieves the pressure on your other staff, allowing them to concentrate on Sales.

In-house Training
We can offer a variety of onsite training, either on generic of specific software and roll this out for you around the country to all your staff. We can also offer ‘Team-building’ training that focuses on your business needs and not just building a bridge!