Remote Working – Snow can’t stop you!

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

What is Remote Desktop? With all the recent bad weather we have had, many people have been unable to get into work. This, ultimately, means lost productivity and Sales!

RDP allows you to access another, pre-defined, PC, as it you are there in front of it!

This means that next time someone can’t get into work, if they have this access set up, they can ‘log in’ from home and work as if they are in front of their own PC in the office!!

No more lost Sales!!


Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) allows you to log into your PC at work, from home or from anywhere in the world, but in it’s standard form, it is not secure.

Technically, it opens a port on your PC, which also allows potential threats through.

However, it can be ‘tied-down’ so that only one person from one PC can access the one PC at work, thereby making the connection very secure and turning the connection into a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Cloudhop Communication are experts in this field and can configure your network to allow this.

We can also provide a monitoring tool, which allows you to make sure that your staff are actually working when accessing their PC from home.

This is important for you to ensure the facilities you are providing your staff with, are not being abused.


What we will do for you;

  • Make sure both PCs (and Servers, if necessary) are up-to-date with Microsoft’s Security Patches
  • Limit access to 1 user to 1 PC
  • Block logons from user Administrator
  • Set an Account Lockout Policy
  • Increase the level of encryption from the standard encryption
  • Change the standard TCP port and use a RDP Gateway if necessary
  • Limit IP addresses from who can access RDP and the PC
  • Create SSL/SSH tunnels as necessary
  • Use Network Level Authentication (on Vista, Windows7, Server 2008)
  • Remote monitoring of logs by us*
  • Remote monitoring of activity by a Manager*

*(Subject to the Server Configuration you have)

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